Setting up a system for copying transactions on BINANCE or BYBIT and connecting investors to CopyTrader

Any sane cryptocurrency trader, especially those who work on such well-known crypto exchanges as Binance or Baybit, always strive to increase their profits from trading cryptocurrency. 
This essentially reasonable goal is usually achieved in two ways. 

The first method involves an increase in the volume of cryptocurrency trading on your personal deposit, which in turn entails an increase in the risk of losing the traders capital. The second method provides for an increase in the traders available deposit, which allows you to increase the volume of cryptocurrency trading without increasing the risk of losing the traders capital. 

It is quite natural that the second option, from the point of view of a reasonable businessman, looks much preferable to the first, because no one will argue with the fact that the risks should always be minimal. 
But there may be a question here: 

How can a trader increase his trading deposit on crypto exchanges if his own funds are limited?

Fortunately, for an experienced and successful trader, there are quite a large number of investors on the cryptocurrency market who want to place their temporarily free funds profitably in order to receive passive earnings. Fearing for the safety of their capital, investors always strive to choose reliable cryptocurrency traders with a stable positive result of trading on the Binance and Baybit exchanges for investment. Thus, the interests of traders and investors converge to mutually beneficial cooperation. The solution to the problem of combining their efforts boils down to the following question: 

How to organize this cooperation as efficiently as possible?

To solve this issue, the EasyTrading development team has created a multiplatform CopyTrader transaction copying system, which allows a trader to share his profitable signals with interested subscribers to automatically open the same transactions on the BINANCE and BYBIT crypto exchanges, but in the interests of investors. Of course, a trader will never share his signals for free. For copying the traders trades, the signals user pays the trader a subscription to the signals. On this mutually beneficial principle, a system of interaction between many traders and investors is built within the framework of copy trading on the Binance and Baybit crypto exchanges.

For a detailed analysis of how a trader can set up a system for copying transactions on BINANCE or BYBIT and connect investors to CopyTrader, see the video:

It should be noted that the described functionality is basic. Our copy system, in essence, is a constructor that can be customized according to the individual request of the client. Our development team is always ready to modify the system to meet any customer requirements.

Given the existing functionality of the system, we can safely say that a trader, by selling signals of his trading strategy through our transaction copying system, has the opportunity to significantly increase his profit without increasing the risk of capital loss.
Investors will also benefit, who, thanks to the CopyTrader transaction copying system, get the opportunity to invest their temporarily free funds with a yield significantly outstripping bank deposit rates.

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