How to make money on the affiliate program in the system of copying transactions of cryptotraders in CopyTrader

In addition to earning directly on copy trading, in our system, each user has the opportunity to establish an additional source of passive earnings.
We are talking about an affiliate program that operates in every transaction copying system. When a user joins the affiliate program, he can receive a fixed percentage of the profit of the investor attracted by him. Next, we will talk in detail about how the partner reward is formed.

How do I connect to the affiliate program?

In order to start earning on the affiliate program, the user must be activated as a partner. Then he can get his referral link. Activation of users as partners is handled by the system administrator. It is possible to configure in such a way that all new users are active as partners or vice versa. A personal affiliate link can be seen in the users personal account, in the "Affiliate Program" tab. 

After receiving a referral link to the transaction copying system, the user who has become a full-fledged referral is free to act at his discretion in order to attract new interested users (mainly investors) to the copying system by any bona fide actions. Possible ways to attract investors can be advertising on social networks, blogs, contextual and teaser advertising, push mailings and much more.

Who sets up the working conditions of the affiliate program and how?

The parameters and conditions of settlements within the partner programs of specific systems of copying transactions may differ and be flexibly configured. The administrator is responsible for setting up the terms of the partner program.

Lets consider the general principles of setting up the partner program in the control panel of the copy system administrator.

Recall that in the previous post about setting up billing, we said that the most important value in the "Trader commission settings" block is "The amount of commission for profit". It determines what percentage of the profit received by the investor should pay into the system. Depending on which trader he is subscribed to, the commission amount may vary. Further, this Commission received from the investor is distributed among other participants of the system, namely the Trader, the Referrals who attracted this investor and the Administrator.

Lets say the commission set by the trader is 50% of the users profit. After the investor pays this Commission, it is distributed as follows: 50% is given to the trader (according to the value "Part of the trader from the Commission"), another 10% goes to the affiliate program (according to the value "Referral bonus to the network"), and the remaining 40% is received by the system Administrator.

So, those 10% of the profits that are allocated to the affiliate program are distributed among the users referrals, according to the settings of the affiliate program.

For a detailed analysis of the settings of the partner program of the CopyTrader system, see the video:

If we assume that a total of $ 100 was received for the affiliate program, then the first referral who directly attracted the investor to the system will receive $ 50. The other two referrals who attracted the primary referral to the partner system will receive another $ 25 each. The basic principle here is as follows: all other partners in the referral tree share equally the remainder of the investors partner payments, formed minus the share of the primary referral.

Lets consider an example of calculating the distribution of profits, commissions and referral rewards between the participants of the copying system:

The investor made a profit of a thousand dollars. According to the system settings, the "Profit commission" is set at 50%. This means that the investor will pay $500 into the system. These 500 dollars, in turn, are distributed as follows: according to the settings, "The traders part of the Commission" is 50%. This means that the trader will receive $ 250. Further, according to the "Referral bonus to the network" settings, 10% is set. This means that the affiliate program costs $ 50. They, in turn, are divided between referrals like this. $ 25 is credited to the first referral who directly attracted this investor to the system. The remainder is divided in half between the second and third referrals who attracted the first referral to the system. Thus, each of them will receive 12.5 dollars. The remainder of all distributions is credited to the System Administrator. In this example, he will get 40% or $200. 

It is also important to note that if, for example, there is only one referral in the users partner tree that directly attracted the user, then the Administrator will also receive the remainder of the affiliate program, that is, $ 25. 

Thus, each user of the transaction copying system has the opportunity to create an additional source of passive income by attracting new users to the system and receiving part of their profits.

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