Detailed description of the software package for creating your own copy service

Every successful trader thinks about becoming an influential figure in the market. Remember the famous phrase from the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street": "I ask you to judge Me not by my successes, but by my failures, which are very few!"


If you feel your strength and have already gathered like-minded people around you who follow you, trusting your market knowledge and flair, then you will probably be interested in the opportunity to automate the process of providing signals.


CopyTrader is a system for copying transactions to create your own service via API keys, with support forSpot and Futures.

The main difference from competitors

Almost all platforms for copy trading are centralized, without the possibility to organize your own service for copying trading signals.

The CopyTrader copy system provides such an opportunity - the system is deployed on a separate server, isolated from other market participants.

Main functions

Auto-copying -Transactions are copied automatically via API keys, without the risk of losing the deposit.

Cloud Service -Everything works in the cloud. Neither the trader nor the user needs to download anything.

Detailed Statistics - All the traders actions can be tracked on convenient charts and in the table of transactions.

Mobile Adaptation - Managing your personal account settings on your phone is as easy as on your computer.

Full Customization - For a trader, the system can be deployed on his domain, with his logo and name.

Multilingualism - the system supports 80 languages.

Using the CopyTrader copy system by a trader allows you to collect all investor portfolios under a single automated management.


CopyTrader is a modular system and includes:

  • administrator (trader) module,
  • trader module,
  • user module.

The modules are adapted to mobile devices and do not require a computer to set up signal copying and system organization.

Administrators Office

Includes a full set of functions for working with clients.


All routine processes related to client work are automated as much as possible.

The functionality is designed taking into account the experience of real traders, in whose management the portfolio of investors is concentrated.


Traders Cabinet

The traders office looks as lightweight as possible, but behind the simple interface there is a powerful and thoughtful engine with proven algorithms.

User Account

Convenient statistics for analyzing and tracking the trader. The traders effectiveness is shown in real time, which significantly affects risk management.


The mechanism of the CopyTrader Copying System

CopyTrader is an automated intermediary between those who provide trading signals and those who subscribe to these signals.

The copy system isolated on a separate server allows you to transfer signals almost instantly from a traders account on the Binance exchange to an investors (subscribers) account.

The work of the copying System is carried out through a proxy, in order to avoid any blocking.

The effectiveness of the CopyTrader copying system has been proven by practice and developed on the initiative of practicing traders.

100% scalability allows you to work as an individual(one trader - several investors (subscribers), and a team (several traders - hundreds of investors).

From the author-developer

We have set the task to create a system with a minimal list of settings and a low threshold of entry for users.

The terminal can be deployed on a domain, with the logo and name of the owner of the system. Full customization for any tasks is possible. Revision and addition/removal of the necessary functionality.

The team is currently working on the creation ofA telegram bot that copies all the functionality of the CopyTrader platform.

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The risk of theft of funds is completely excluded, since working through the API only allows you to open and close transactions on a connected Binance account.

The funds are stored on a 100% secure account of the Binance exchange, only the account owner has access to them, the trader manages the funds through the terminal using API keys provided by the Binance exchange. Without the ability to withdraw funds.

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