The purpose of the post is to make public the situation with an unscrupulous client.

The purpose of the post is to make public the situation with an unscrupulous client.

On February 5, 2022, Vitaly Mikhailovich Vadyutin addressed me on 12/31/1976 (telegram: @AdmiratorV). He was from Belarus (now, after the divorce, he moved to live in Cyprus).
He was interested in our copy system.

He was granted access for the test, where everything suited him.
And he left, according to him, to gather people.
On February 25, we continued the dialogue about the deployment of the system for Vitaly.
Vital decided to take advantage of the geopolitical situation, in particular, Russias military operations on the territory of Ukraine.

In a situation of uncertainty and the second day of the operation, we decided to go to the meeting without hesitation.
We came to the option of $300 for deployments are paid immediately. Remaining at the end of its. In those days, everyone was sure, including me, that the Russian flag would be raised in Kiev on March 8th. This was seriously talked about by famous personalities.
After working for six months, I suggested starting to pay for the system, since it looks like it (its) not going to end. And if you intend to pay for the system at all, its time to start already. 
The fact that the payment for the server began to be carried out at the last moment before the hosting was turned off was alarming. The development option was considered that hosting would be turned off first, because there would be absolutely no desire to pay for the purchased system from Vitaly.

And so it turned out, but a few details.
At the end of August, alerted that Vitaly did not respond to messages for several weeks, although trading and copying took place in the system (he has a weak trader, some, as a result, trades in the negative), I began to ask for a revision of the terms of the agreements.
Agreed to any terms of the installment plan. Vitaly in a telephone conversation asked for a monthly installment plan. But now Im not ready to allegedly pay, I asked to start with the next one.
But he promised to solve whatever in the coming days. He began to stall for time.

Having been lost for a month, by the end of September he gave me a contact of a certain Dmitry so that I could negotiate with him myself. Who is this, this is the first time Ive heard of him) What should I talk to him about? Nevertheless, I tried, the conversation did not work out. 
There was no motive to pay for the system from either one or the other.

As a result, the subscription was not renewed, the hosting turned off the server. Vitaly disappeared with a debt of $2,700.

To be honest, I didnt expect to get anything from this Vitaly. 
The purpose of the post is to make public the situation with an unscrupulous client.

We are always open to cooperation, considering all options for cooperation. 
We are always happy to go to a meeting for the sake of mutually beneficial cooperation and achieving common goals.

From this moment, the work on credit / installments stops, including payment for the extension of hosting and maintenance of systems.
With the fee for the maintenance of the copy system, we were rolled by customers from Turkey a month ago, they just stopped contacting us.
In order to avoid similar situations in the future, we will draw appropriate conclusions and adjust our work.

Well, returning to our hero, I advise you to be careful with this man named Vitaly.
By the way, in the telegram bot of the Eye of God, at the request of 375447777753 (Vitalys phone number), there is a note fraudster.
Vitaly has mail ([email protected] ) on the domain of the Rospocherk organization

The archive of our correspondence in the telegram with Vitaly can be downloaded [here].

There is also a resume of this person on the web, including on .


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