We have finished working on a copy system for the Bybit exchange.

We have finished working on a copy system for the Bybit exchange.
Now it is possible to organize your own copy service on any of the two exchanges (Binance and Bybit).

We are currently working on the implementation of the cross-trading function (the ability to copy for a trader trading on an exchange other than yours).
Also in line is the implementation of copying on other exchanges (FTX, Kraken, Kucoin, Huobi). This, together with the cross-trading function, will allow you to unite the audiences of various exchanges.

At the time of adding the Baybit exchange to the copying system, we faced the problem of calculating statistics, since it was impossible to receive data from both the Binance and the Baybit for technical reasons.
We had to rewrite the statistics calculation module and now the copying system can calculate the profit received from copying for a trader based only on copied transactions. That is, if the user has his own trades, he does not count.

Of the minor improvements:
The process of registering new users in the copy system has been redesigned.
The process of linking Telegrams to a registered account has been simplified (No need to enter any codes, etc.)
It is possible to close all orders and positions when unsubscribing from a trader or deleting a user.
This option can be activated on your system through the developer.

And finally:
Recently, they often talk about the complete blocking of Binance for Russians.
It's not clear if this is a rumor or really going to happen.
The news about the introduction of a limit on the balance of 10k euros was sudden. Which made us seriously think about implementing a copier for other sites. The first was Baybit.

Will Binance take such drastic action?
For Binance, it's like shooting yourself in the foot.
I hope it won't work, because too many of its users are from Russia.

To date, we have managed to implement a copier for Baybit.
Therefore, for our customers who have not yet switched to Byte, we offer an upgrade to your system at a strong discount.
The purpose of the offer is (first of all) the desire to help support the continuous process of your trading.

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