The EasyTrading crypto trading software development team has developed a unique product that will allow anyone, regardless of their level of programming skills, to launch their own CopyTrader transaction copying system

In recent years, the crypto currency market has been developing on a large scale and dynamically. There are not only a lot of trading instruments, but also more and more platforms for trading these instruments. At the same time, the crypto industry technologies do not stand still, helping both professional market participants and numerous individuals to make maximum transactions with minimal effort and time.

The EasyTrading crypto trading software development team has developed a unique product that will allow anyone, regardless of their programming skills, to launch their own CopyTrader transaction copying system.

What is the difficulty of creating systems for copying transactions?

It is no secret that many professional traders who have managed to achieve impressive returns on the crypto currency market have thought about creating a similar system for copying their transactions for use by interested clients. But, unfortunately, few traders managed to turn their idea into reality. The reasons, of course, may be different, but the main one, oddly enough, is obvious.

The fact is that the solution to the problem of creating a system for copying transactions is connected not only with understanding the laws of price changes in the market and the ability to clearly follow the signals of your profitable trading system, but also with the ability to combine this knowledge from the field of economics and finance with writing complex software that allows you to synchronize the work of many users of the system on several crypto currency exchanges. Thus, the developer of the transaction copying system must combine the qualities and skills of not only a financier, but also a programmer.

Realizing the complexity of solving this problem, the EasyTrading team has developed its own software product suitable for comfortable and intuitive use by a wide range of interested users, regardless of their skills in writing program codes.

How to make money on your deal copying system?

The CopyTrader transaction copying system will be useful not only for traders and their investors as a convenient channel for mutually beneficial cooperation, but also for administrators of their own platforms for interaction between traders and investors. In particular, the administrator, if willing and financially able, can organize his investment company, hire several competent traders with profitable work statistics and start attracting third-party investors interested in increasing their capital. At the same time, all settlements between traders and investors will be made automatically within the CopyTrader transaction copying system. The administrator of the system will only have to receive his share of profits within the framework of the partner program established by him. This way of organizing work is beneficial for all participants of the transaction copying system. The trader, subject to successful profitable trading, receives his percentage of the profit from the managed funds. The rest of the profit is distributed between the investor who invested his money in the system and the administrator who organized the participants interaction platform.
Thus, the transaction copying system opens up the widest opportunities for earning money on the crypto currency market even for users who do not understand the intricacies of making profitable exchange transactions.

For a detailed analysis of the functionality of the CopyTrader transaction copying system, see the video: 

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