How to set up a billing system for copying transactions and accept payments from CopyTrader customers

In order for the transaction copying system to work at full capacity, it is not enough for the administrator to gather traders and investors on one platform. It is necessary to set up an uninterrupted billing system. It is within the framework of this system that all mutual settlements between the participants of the copying system take place. It is important to note that our system is multilingual, so it is extremely convenient for users from most countries of the world, due to the absence of a language barrier.

Setting up billing in the CopyTrader transaction copying system is the responsibility of the system administrator. All other participants – traders and investors, when joining the system, must accept and faithfully comply with the established settlement rules.

For a detailed overview of the billing settings in the personal account of the system administrator, see the video:

First of all, the administrator needs to select the "Calculation period". This parameter fixes the time interval after which the financial result for this period is calculated for the users of the system (primarily for investors). This time interval can be a day, a week, a month or another period at the administrators choice. And if, as a result of the calculation, the investor received a profit from copying transactions on the Binance or Baybit exchanges, then a "Profit Commission" is charged to his balance in the system. 

How and when are commissions accrued?

All commissions in the CopyTrader transaction copying system are charged to users with a minus sign, as a result of which their balance result takes a negative value. At the same time, the minimum amount of commission charged to the user for payment is 1 usdt. If the commission amount is less, it is transferred to the next billing period. The user must top up his balance in the system with a corresponding positive amount in order for his balance to take a positive value.

If an investor has received a loss from copying transactions to a Binance or a Byte during the settlement period, then commissions are not charged to him until the beginning of a profitable period. 

The "Auto-disconnect in case of non-payment" function is necessary in order to disconnect users from the CopyTrader copying system if the "Number of days for payment" has expired, and the users balance has not been replenished for the estimated amount of commissions.

How do I unsubscribe from a trader?

If the investor decides to unsubscribe from the trader from whom he copies transactions in the middle of the billing period, or decides to change the trader, then first of all, he must repay the debt to the trader for whom he is currently subscribed. The user can unsubscribe and then replace the trader on the "Trader Rating" tab, or contact the Administrator with an appropriate request.

The CopyTrader transaction copying system makes the final calculation of the investors profit for the period starting from the last scheduled calculation up to and including yesterday. If the investor received a profit in the time interval from the moment of the previous settlement date to yesterday, then it is immediately credited to the users balance for payment. If the user did not have a debt to the CopyTrader transaction copying system, or repaid it and changed the trader to another, then he will be considered subscribed to a new trader from the beginning of the current day UTC time. At the same time, all transactions that will be opened and closed on the investors account on this day will be attributed to the new trader. 

Thus, it is necessary to understand that the CopyTrader transaction copying system keeps records on days starting at UTC time. In order for half of the transactions from the previous trader not to be counted to the new one, it is desirable that at the time of unsubscribing from the trader, the investor has closed all transactions. In turn, a subscription to a new trader must be made the next day at UTC.

What commissions does the investor pay?

The most important value in the "Trader Commission Settings" section is the "Profit commission amount". It determines what percentage of the profit received by the investor should pay to the CopyTrader transaction copying system. Depending on which trader he is subscribed to, the commission amount may vary. Further, this Commission received from the investor is distributed among other participants of the system, namely the Trader, the Referrals who attracted this investor and the Administrator. 

In addition to the profit commission, the Administrator can also set a fixed commission for using the transaction copying system. For this purpose, the cell "Fixed commission, USDT per month" is used. A fixed commission is the amount that is taken from the user for one month, or more precisely, for 30 days of using the system. The write-off is for each day separately. The write-off takes place at 9 a.m. UTC. 

"Profit commission" and "Fixed commission" can be applied by the administrator both simultaneously and separately. If any of them takes a value equal to zero, then this commission is not charged. 

How can an investor pay commissions so as not to miss the payment deadline and not be left without profitable signals from a professional trader?
If the investor has a negative balance, and he needs to repay his debt to the trader and other participants of the CopyTrader copying system, then he can replenish the balance in his personal account. 
To do this, go to the "Balance" tab and click the Top Up button. If the copy system is connected to the CryptoCloud service, the service page will open, where the user can easily top up their balance.  at the same time, the funds will be transferred automatically to his balance in the copy system and then within an hour they will be distributed to the balances of the Trader, Administrator and Referrals. It is also possible to manually transfer funds to the users account. To do this, the system Administrator enters the User settings and clicks the top up button, where he enters the required amount already received from the user earlier in some external way, outside the copying system.

How to withdraw funds from the system?

If the user of the CopyTrader transaction copying system is activated as a partner, or he is a Trader or an Administrator of the system, then he can create a withdrawal request, which then the Administrator must approve or cancel in the Billing tab.
Withdrawal of funds to the accounts of Traders or Referrals is carried out manually. The administrator physically sends the funds to the Trader himself and then selects the value "Withdraw funds", after which the funds are debited from the Traders balance in the system.

When are billing calculations made?

It is important to note that all calculations for billing purposes in the CopyTrader transaction copying system take place at 9 a.m. UTC. At the same time, the investor receives a notification about the need to pay commissions. If the "Number of days to pay" period has expired and the investor has not paid the invoice, then it will be blocked for further copying of transactions at the same time. Of course, provided that the "Auto-off in case of non-payment" option is enabled. If a daily payment period is set, or the system administrator has set a calculation Period equal to the Number of days for payment, the system will notify investors at 9 and 10 oclock UTC and block them, subject to non-payment, at 23 oclock UTC.

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