A real example of the CopyTrader system

Recently, a private investor Boris Petrovich turned to us for advice. He showed interest in investing in cryptocurrency assets. But since Boris Petrovich, by his own admission, has no experience of independent trading on crypto exchanges, and does not want to waste his time tracking cryptocurrency quotes, he did not object to investing in the work of a professional trader with sufficient experience confirmed by positive work statistics. Thus, it was fundamentally important for the investor to form an additional source of passive income for himself with an expected return that overtakes bank deposits.

Fulfilling the clients wish, we offered Boris Petrovich for consideration several options for copying transactions using software developed by our team. After analyzing the proposed options, the investor chose a system for copying transactions "Without nerves", to which he switched via our referral link. 

Registration in the system took place on December 16 quickly and intuitively. It is enough for the user to come up with a username and password for himself, as well as to link his telegram account to his personal account.

After logging in to the system, Boris Petrovich got to the welcome page with a convenient control panel.
On the "My statistics" tab, he will see the dynamics of changes in his profit. Since the investor has just registered in the service and has not copied the traders trades yet, this page is empty.

On the tab "Rating of traders" Boris Petrovich saw a list of all traders working in the copy service "Without nerves". As of December 16, only one trader Sergey was working in the system, who managed the funds of 15 investors totaling $ 7,652. The current profitability of Sergeys trading since the beginning of work in the system was 15.86%. The traders commission is set at 33% of the investors profit.

In the "Settings" tab, Boris Petrovich can always view and, if necessary, change his account data. 
On the "Exchange" settings tab, the investor selected the Binance platform and specified an API key for it.
In the settings tab "Copying" Boris Petrovich could choose a trader to copy, but decided first to study the information about the specialist in more detail.

To do this, he returned to the "Trader Rating" tab and clicked on the line of the trader he was interested in. Detailed information about trader Sergey has been revealed. The investor can see that the traders own balance is $1,239. The trader has been working in the copy system "Without nerves" since December 7. It is important to note that the trader specializes in futures trading and does not carry out spot transactions.

After analyzing the available information, Boris Petrovich decided to subscribe to the signals of trader Sergey. To do this, he clicks the "Subscribe" button, specifies which transactions he wants to copy and confirms his choice. 

After subscribing, the investor goes to the copy settings, where he can specify the parameters for copying the traders transactions. In particular, you can specify what percentage of the investors free deposit will be used when copying futures transactions.

An hour after registering in the transaction copying service "Without nerves", Boris Petrovichs account balance was displayed, which he allocated for copying trader Sergeys transactions. The initial balance of the investor was 103.5 USDT. The current profit is zero.

Having completed all the necessary settings, Boris Petrovich logged out and went about his business, giving trader Sergey the opportunity to effectively use the allocated funds in order to make a profit for all interested participants of the service: investor, trader, referral and administrator.

You will find out what results our investor Boris Petrovich was able to achieve by watching the video to the end.

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