How easy it is to start copying the trades of successful traders on BINANCE in the CopyTrader copy service.

How easy it is to start copying the trades of successful traders on BINANCE in the CopyTrader copy service.

In this video, we will show you the practical process of a real user working in our copy system, functioning on the software developed by us. This service organically combines profitable strategies for trading crypto assets and successful specialists with rich experience in successful trading. They work for your easy start in earning on cryptocurrencies. 

As you may remember from the previous post, Boris Petrovich, a private investor, recently asked us for advice. Then we advised him to place the available funds in one of the third-party copy services. The investor was very pleased with the result. Therefore, without the slightest hesitation, I agreed to test our own system of copying transactions.

Registration in the system took place on January 12 quickly and intuitively. It is enough for the user to come up with a username and password for himself, as well as to link his telegram account to his personal account. After logging in to the system, Boris Petrovich got to a user page with a convenient control panel.

How to set up the exchange connection in the copy service?

On the "Exchange" settings tab, the investor must select a trading platform (Binance or Byte) and specify an API key for it. To create it, the user goes to the exchange. In our example, this is a Binance. On the page of his futures account, the investor calls the menu and goes to the "API Management" tab. There he clicks the "Create API" button and selects the type of key to be created. Boris Petrovich decided not to complicate his life and chose the option generated by the system. Then he indicated the label for the key. Next, a security check is carried out with a three-stage verification. The new key is displayed on the screen, as well as additional settings for using the API key, which can be applied if necessary. The created key must be linked to an account in the transaction copying system. To do this, the user connects to the service, goes to the settings tab "Exchange". There he indicates the API keys created. After that, he presses the "Check keys" button. The verification shows the authenticity of the keys and their expiration date. After successful verification, the cells are colored green.

How can an investor choose a trader to copy trades?

In the settings tab "Copying" Boris Petrovich can choose a trader to copy, but decided first to study the information about the specialist in more detail.

To do this, he went to the "Trader Rating" tab and clicked on the line of the specialist he was interested in. Detailed information about the Grand Trader has been revealed. The investor can see that the specialists own balance is $727. The trader has been working in the copy system since December 26. This means that users of the service can judge the success of its trading by statistics for the last 17 days. The estimated profitability of the Grand Trader for 7 days was 3.39%, for the entire working time (17 days) it reached minus 3.52%. It is important to note that this trader specializes in futures trading and does not carry out spot transactions.

Next, the user of the system can get acquainted with the profitability schedule and the daily profit statistics of the specialist.

After analyzing the available information, Boris Petrovich thought that even the most professional and experienced traders have drawdowns. It is the absence of drawdowns and the constant growth of profitability that should alert the sophisticated investor. Therefore, he firmly made the decision to subscribe to the signals of the Grand Trader. To do this, Boris Petrovich went to the copy settings, where he selected the right trader. Next, the investor puts a check mark in the cell for copying futures transactions. In this case, only futures transactions will be copied to his account. In the same place, he can specify the parameters of copying the traders transactions. In particular, you can specify what percentage of the investors free deposit will be used when copying futures transactions.

How can an investor increase income from a copy system?

Boris Petrovich also decided to take advantage of all the possibilities of the service and earn money as part of the partner program of the copy system. To do this, a corresponding bookmark has been created in our investors personal account with an indication of his personal referral link. Now Boris Petrovich has got a good opportunity to increase his income from interacting with the service by attracting new users. Exactly how our investor will attract potential partners, he did not tell us, but we are sure that good results will not take long to wait.

What results our investor Boris Petrovich was able to achieve by joining the copy system, you will find out by watching the video to the end.

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