A real example of replenishing the balance and withdrawing profits from the CopyTrader transaction copying system

Today we will tell you how mutual settlements take place between the participants of the copying system.
On the day when the billing period set by the administrator ends, the system calculates the financial results of each investor. And if necessary, if a profit has been made during the period, it issues invoices for payment of the commission. The user can see the account in the "Balance" tab.
The investor must pay the commission within the time limit set by the service administrator. As a rule, it is 3 or 5 days.
Since the commission charged is displayed on the investors balance sheet with a minus, in order to repay the debt, he must replenish his balance by the required amount of USDT.

How can the administrator connect the copy system to the CryptoCloud payment service?

For the convenience of settlements between the participants of the system, each transaction copying service is connected to the CryptoCloud payment platform. This system is designed to accept fast and convenient crypto payments with low fees. Registration for the administrator of the copy service is not difficult. It is enough to specify your email and login in telegram. And also come up with a password.
After registration, the administrator can easily add his project to the platform, specify convenient payment methods and a list of crypto currencies used. Next, you need to create an API key and add it in the billing settings of your own copy service.
After that, users of the system can pay the commission of the copy service via CryptoCloud.

How do I top up my balance in the CopyTrader transaction copying service?

To do this, while in the copy service, the user goes to the "Balance" tab and clicks the "Top up" button. Next, he indicates the amount of replenishment. The system redirects the user to CryptoCloud, where he chooses a payment method and clicks the "Pay" button. CryptoCloud provides the user with payment details. In our example, the investor used the PexPay service to transfer the required amount to the specified details. We hope that our readers are quite experienced in the exchange and transfer of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we will leave the actions of our user without detailed comments. It should be remembered that the payment is made taking into account all fees charged. After that, in CryptoCloud, the user clicks the "I paid" button. Next, the payment system carefully checks the payment, which usually takes from 3 to 5 minutes, and issues a message about the successful payment of the invoice. 
The funds received by the service, after being transferred via CryptoCloud, are displayed on the users balance. After that, they are automatically distributed among the participants of the system. The distribution of funds takes place immediately after receipt of the balance.
The user is recommended to replenish the balance taking into account the commissions of payment services to exclude situations of incomplete payment of the calculated commission from the profit.
After paying the users commissions, the funds are distributed to the balances of other service participants, according to the current rules of the copying system set by the administrator in the billing settings.

How can a trader withdraw profit from the CopyTrader transaction copying service?

A trader, as well as a referral or an administrator, can withdraw funds from the balance in the service at any time. To do this, he goes to the Balance tab and clicks the "Withdraw" button, specifying the required amount.
Withdrawal of money to the accounts of Traders or Referrals is carried out manually. The administrator himself physically sends them funds and then confirms the withdrawal of money by selecting the "Withdraw funds" cell. After that, the money is debited from the Traders balance in the system. For himself, the Administrator makes a conclusion in a similar way. Creates a request and processes it.

What new features have appeared in the CopyTrader transaction copying service?

It is important to note that new convenient and useful functions have appeared in our copy service.

Individual approach to the calculation of commissions

Now administrators have the opportunity to calculate profits and issue invoices to investors independently. Thus, it became possible to disable the automatic calculation of the Commission from the profit in the billing. To do this, select the "Automatic Commission calculation is disabled" mode in the billing settings. 
In this mode, the calculation of the Commission from the profit based on the financial result on the user accounts is not performed. The administrator can set them any amount of debt himself. To do this, it is enough to top up the investors balance with a negative amount.

Archiving billing operations

The administrator also got the opportunity to archive billing operations. Archiving of billing may be necessary if there are too many records in the billing. In this case, users may notice a slight slowdown in the speed of the service. When archiving, all records are deleted from the billing. Instead, one record with the users current balance will be generated.

Discount on commissions

A pleasant innovation is that each of the service users can get an additional "Discount on Commission".
The administrator can assign it by selecting the desired user in his personal account. In the event that it is necessary to completely disable the Commission and not take it from a specific user, then you can set a discount equal to one hundred percent. Such a situation is possible, for example, if the user login belongs to the copy system Administrator himself. This discount applies to both the profit commission and the fixed commission.

Improved Affiliate Program

The terms of the services partner program have also significantly improved. An exclusive referral bonus has appeared. For users who actively promote transaction copying systems operating on our software, the opportunity to set an Exclusive bonus amount under the affiliate program has been introduced. To establish it, the administrator needs to go to the users settings and set him the amount of the Exclusive bonus as a percentage.
When specifying any value other than zero, such a user will receive a specified percentage of the Commission paid by the investors attracted by him. Thus, this exclusive parameter cancels all previous settings of the affiliate program: referral bonus to the network, the number of levels of the affiliate program and part of the first referrer, in relation to this privileged user. It is important to note that if the user has the "Exclusive Referral bonus" parameter set, then he cannot have a referral that attracted him. Moreover, even if there is one, such a refovod will not receive anything from users attracted by a privileged user.

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