How to receive remuneration from your users trading commissions.

Binance allows you to record a Brokers unique ID in idClientOrder to receive partner rewards from users trading through your software.
These can be robots, terminals and any other algorithms that send orders to the exchange for execution. Such programs include the copy system developed by us.
For users of our CopyTrader transaction copying system, we offer the service of substituting your unique broker id into the idClientOrder value. This may be relevant for you if you received it from the Binance exchange by becoming a Binance broker.
A Binance brokerage account can be obtained if you have an audience of users or resources in social networks exceeding 500 people (more specific conditions need to be specified in Binance technical support).
In addition to a unique broker id that can be sent along with orders, you get the opportunity to create subaccounts, an increased percentage of partner rewards (the full list of preferences should also be clarified in Binance).
If you are a user of the CopyTrader platform and have already built your own deal copying platform on it and are a Binance broker, contact us to activate the function of entering your own broker id in the copy system and receiving partner remuneration from your users trading commissions.
For future users of the copying system, the offer is also relevant.

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