Two years ago, work began on the creation of a CopyTrader copy system.

Two years ago, on April 17, 2021, we started developing a copy system.
In two years, a lot of lines of code have been written, functions have been implemented, and a long way has been done in general.
While developing a service for working with one Binance exchange, we came to implement the idea of copying on several exchanges, such as Bybit, and the development of a module for Kucoin is being completed.
Implemented statistics and billing allow you to configure and calculate the commission in accordance with the requirements of any project built on our solution.
The partner program and the payment system make mutual settlements between the participants of the copying systems.
Many plug-in functions and modules have been implemented.
Cross-trading is on the way.

We are actively developing the system and constantly adding new functionality.
We invite everyone who is thinking about creating their own copy service to cooperate.

Copytrader copy system is a dynamically developing project with a growing audience.
We suggest considering our solution as a basis for building your own online business.


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