We talk about copying transactions on the cryptocurrency market

Copying transactions on the cryptocurrency market is a popular strategy that allows investors to repeat successful transactions of other traders. This can be especially useful for beginners who are just starting their way into the world of cryptocurrencies and do not have enough experience or time to analyze the market.

The essence of copying transactions, in short, is as follows: a trader who successfully trades on a cryptocurrency exchange allows other investors to automatically repeat his transactions. When such a trader opens a buy or sell position, this information is transmitted to his subscribers, and their trading platforms automatically repeat this operation.

There are a number of advantages to copying transactions. Firstly, it allows investors to avoid the need to conduct independent market analysis and make trading decisions. They can rely on the experience and strategies of successful traders. Secondly, it is a convenient way of learning for beginners, as they can study and analyze the trades of experienced traders.

Various platforms and services are available for copying transactions. Some of them offer the ability to select specific traders, customizable copy options and additional functions for risk management.

An important aspect is also the choice of a reliable and proven platform for copying transactions. Pay attention to the reputation of the platform, its security, reliability and availability of customer support.

CopyTrader offers convenient tools for both traders and users who want to copy trades. This is a completely ready-made tool for creating your own copy service. It has all the necessary functionality for mutual settlements with billing and an affiliate program.

This platform is made specifically for traders so that they can sell their signals to end users. 

End users simply register in the system and there is a fairly simple registration. And for users there is a separate personal account. We will analyze it in one of the next issues. 

Here is the traders office. He needs to create his own account and choose the type of trader account. In the future, all the transactions that he made will be displayed in his history. You will also need to enter your telegram to work. As well as the keys to connect the cabinet to Binance via the api. And we also need to choose which market we will work with. These are spot futures. 

The administrator of traders can also send messages to users in telegram. Which is convenient, because telegram is a messenger that everyone has. And in the main settings, you will need to specify a bot that will send mail to users. 

You can also set up a report template and send this report template to users. And specify the current balance, profit, commission in it.

There are two ways to sell your deals through CopyTrader. You can pay a portion of the profits of your end users. Or in another way it is called a commission with a profit. Or you can pay a fixed commission. Periods are set for payment from users profits. Once a day, once a week, twice a week or once a month.

And for a fixed commission, a monthly fee is set in the settings, and in billing, one thirtieth of this amount is debited from your account every day.

In fact, the trader does not actively participate in the creation of transactions on the end users account, he only launches his transactions if he trades.  Thus, the system allows you to automatically earn money by selling your signals to the user in automatic mode. The trader trades as he traded before, using a familiar trading terminal for himself. And CopyTrader allows him to copy trading without any complications. It is enough to simply enter the traders keys into the system with the right to read.

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