Lets talk about how we started developing a copy system.

The beginning of work on the copy service was a development order from our client.
Among the main requirements for the service was the simplicity of the traders work with the service (so that the trader did not have to take additional actions other than the initial setup and entering api keys), the absence of difficulties in setting up for the user and the maximum autonomous operation, without the constant participation of a person for the purpose of maintenance and administration of the system.
Availability of a trading statistics system for calculating profits.
Tools for user management, registration system, etc.

We have developed three cabinets for different types of users.
- The administrator of the system where all trade statistics are viewed for any period, market, user. User and trader management. Management of the vital activity of the system. Sending reports to users, system user notification tools.
- Trader. The traders cabinet allows you to view statistics as with the system administrator, only for users who are subscribed to the trader. Copy settings and other features, including viewing the trading history.
- User. The user can view statistics for any period in his office, configure copying, and so on.

In a personal form, it was a copy system for Binance on the spot. Next, futures were added.
As the service developed, the copy engine was optimized to the level of minimal delay.
Now it is possible to organize copying for robots that can perform several operations per minute.
We have experience copying trades behind the grid robot, which places orders with a grid, moves and cancels them.

The number of users is unlimited and so that when sending orders to the Binance, the IP address is not blocked, the system implements proxying of requests.

By the way, if you want to organize your own copy service, we can offer you our service as a basis.
We will set up a separate server for you, where only your system will work, where it is possible to link the domain and eventually get a full-fledged transaction copying service.
You will be able to brand it to suit your needs, as well as order the development of additional modules for your system from us.
If this is relevant to you, write to us in technical support on the website ( /) or in telegram @Polius2007.

Based on the CopyTransaction engine, we are currently creating and configuring a cloud-based transaction copying service for Etrader.
The idea is this: we are launching 6 copies of Etrader with different risk settings, 3 for USDT and 3 for BTC.
Over time, when the statistics of transactions accumulate, the user will be able to choose the best trader in terms of profitability.
It is also possible to expand the range of traders, and possibly robots in the future.
We plan to launch the service by the end of 2021.

I think that there are a lot of opportunities and prospects in this direction. We will systematically move towards their implementation.
If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas regarding the topic of copying, write to us and lets discuss them in our telegram group..


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