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The idea to write a post about the development of our project on smartLAB came after I accidentally stumbled upon a post by one of the formuchanin.
In it, he was looking for developers who could implement his idea of copying a traders transactions on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange (or, more correctly, Binance). 
It consisted of points, reading which I realized — this is what we did and its worth telling about it here.

In addition, we did not promote the copying system separately, and our clients who found us on the Internet said that it was very difficult to do this and as a rule, the meeting was accidental).
It was the desire to talk about our development and the attempt to fix thoughts that caused this post.
But Ill start with the background. In general, I have several posts on smartLAB with releases of various functions in our trading platform .
After that there was a significant break. We were engaged in the development of the platform, the execution of third-party orders, and among them, one day, a request came for the creation of a system for instant copying of traders actions to an unlimited number of users.

Of course, the requirements looked different, there was no task to make a system for many traders, and the number of tracking users was limited to a small number. Nevertheless, we decided to implement the system with such capabilities, where it is possible to create a configuration for any number of traders and users.
We started developing the system in February 2021. First, copying was implemented on the spot, then on futures.
In July 2021, we bought the rights to the system from our customer and began to refine the system at our own discretion.
What we have come to now. At the moment, we have 15 systems that have different configurations, and the largest is a system for 20 traders and 1000 users.

There are quite a lot of copy services, but the main differences between our development and the nearest competitors are:
— tracking the traders account and completely copying his actions without the need to install additional software
— receive instant notification of an event on the traders account and start copying with minimal delay
— no commissions for trading and balance for traders and users following them

A trader or a group of traders who order a system — get a solution on their own domain, isolated from other traders, thereby without the risk that their audience may switch to another trader.
In short, the system is isolated from other system owners and their users.

We have set the task to create a system with a minimal list of settings and a low threshold of entry for users.
To start copying, it is enough to enter only api keys from the exchange, select a trader and markets (spot or futures).

For a trader, these are keys, the type of copying (proportional or direct) and the markets where the system will copy transactions to users who subscribe to the trader.
You can even copy robots, but basically the system is designed to copy manual trading.
This can be trading through the Binance web terminal, all actions, all types of events and orders are copied, including partial closing of positions, through its mobile application, any third-party terminal, etc. 

A statistics system has been implemented to automatically calculate the profit of each user.Mailing lists with reports to users.

The office of the administrator, trader and user is adapted to mobile devices, which is very convenient and does not require a computer to set up the process of copying and customizing the system.

The system can be deployed on a domain, with the logo and name of the owner of the system. Full customization for any tasks is possible. Modification and addition/removal of the necessary functionality.
Now we are working on creating a telegram bot that copies all the functionality of the cabinet to the web.

I wanted to say this at the beginning, but I went a little away from the main idea, namely: our system consists of separate modules and thus we can configure it according to any customer requirement. The load that the copy system can take on has no limitations and the modular system allows load balancing in a pool of servers. By adding the required number of servers to the pool, we can create a system for any number of traders and users.

Our main clients are traders, groups of traders and producers of traders. We are open to suggestions and are ready to solve the tasks of expanding the functionality at the request of the owners of copies of copying systems.

What is also very important, we provide full support, administration and updating of the system after configuration and transfer to the customer.

Summing up this post, if you are a trader, produce a trader and a group of traders trading on Binance, sell signals, I suggest you organize copying using our system and you will save a lot of time for yourself and your audience who are ready to copy your trade.
To test the copying mechanism, upon request to technical support, you can get a trader account and several user accounts for the test.

Thanks for your attention!

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